Traffic Accidents

Our law firm in Málaga and Mollina specializes in traffic accidents and within it the following:

Claim compensation.
Injuries, sequelae and death.
Judicial and extrajudicial means.
Drivers, passengers, pedestrians and commuters, among others.

Remember, if you are:abogado en malaga accidente de trafico

  • Driver and did not cause the accident, you are entitled to medical care, they will repair your vehicle and compensation for sick days and sequels.
  • Passenger car, bike or bus, you are entitled to health care and to collect compensation for sick days and sequels.
  • Pedestrian, and was hit by a vehicle, always entitled to receive health care and compensation for sick days and sequels.
    Claims for compensation may be obtained by various judicial procedures, as appropriate and liability of causing the accident.

Claims are subject according to the court proceedings, diverse and varying requirements, how to limitation periods, proof of damage, valuation rules etc …, so that the most appropriate for the particular is aware of their right to claim, because these processes are usually substantiate significant amounts that can be greatly diminished or even lost (prescription) if you miss the time.

The compensation to be received will depend on the damages that the accident caused to the injured or harmed, so it is basic and fundamental correct assessment of damage

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