Asset Management

Our main objective is that the property for maximum return on your investment and preventive conservation of farms to prevent spoilage with the high costs involved.

This department is staffed by highly qualified staff which aims to ensure strict compliance with the commitments made by the landlord and tenant in any lease, whether residential, business premises, offices, car parks, warehouses, etc.

The complicated legislative tissue that affects this type of management leads us to have highly trained personnel to meet any contractual typology, are old rental contracts, contracts affected by the “Boyer Law” or the contracts signed on or after 1 January 1995 and new written from the modification of the law of 2013.

We are ready to serve all types of customers, from an owner with a department, to complete buildings with full features controls services, employees, suppliers, etc.

List of services we can offer from our department:

  • Assigning a highly qualified for each owner as the sole interlocutor between landlord and tenant Administrator.
  • Recovery of rental arrears and monitoring.
  • Review of contracts and implementation of agreed repercussions for maximum profitability.
  • Updates IPC, IBI, Community, etc.
  • Liquidations the 25th of each month.
  • Sending settlements by post or email.
  • Computer system prepared to provide the information in web liquidations, outstanding bills or received, contracts, etc.
  • SMS notice at the time the payment of the balance of the liquidation is ordered.
  • Specialization old rental contracts and analysis of contracts ending in date 31/12/2014.
  • Assistance to the resignations of contracts, review of the issue of housing and photographic report.
  • Attention of any incidence of highly qualified and supervised by own technical workers.
  • Issuance of Energy Certificates flat department and certificates of occupancy.
  • Fiscal management, issue of VAT settlements.
  • Labor department to manage on-farm payroll employees.
  • Legal department for processing of claims for recovery and evictions and advice.
  • Technical Department for review and monitoring of incidents and for the realization of the Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE).

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