Areas of Specialization

Our firm has the technical and human ability to offer legal services of the highest quality, covering different disciplines within the law.

Areas of Specialization

  • Civil Law
  • Urban Planning Law
  • Real State Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Proceedings
  • Labour law and social security
  • Traffic accidents
  • Inheritance law
  • Family Law

Legal services in all areas of civil law: property, rentals, in rem rights, family and inheritance law, civil contracting.

Legal advice on all sorts of questions regarding urban planning law.
In regards to urban planning, we highlight our involvement in all types of ordinance, planning, discipline, execution procedures, and urban development advising both the management involved as well as the interested parties in these procedures, facilitating procurement and processing of licenses and permits and defending, if necessary, the rights and interests of our clients in the event of administrative litigation.

Legal advice on real estate development and management, with special dedication to businesses associated with real estate investments in our Spanish territory. Hiring associated with construction: work, project and technical assistance contracts.

Advice, defense and claims in matters related to the area of economic and company Criminal Law (fraud, corporate crimes, environmental crimes, crimes against the Treasury, and crimes against intellectual and industrial property) as well as crimes and offenses related to individuals.

Defense of clients’ interests in legal proceedings held in all jurisdictions and courts: Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice, High Courts of Justice, High Courts and Courts of Law.

Advice and defense in all kinds of questions regarding Labor Law and Social Security, both before the Labor Court, individual or collective conflicts, as well as before the Labor Authority, Work Force Adjustment Plans, collective bargaining, proceedings related to Work Inspection and all kinds of proceedings before Labor Institutions (regional or state) and Social Security.

Claim compensation.
Injuries, sequelae and death.
Judicial and extrajudicial means.
Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, commuters.

Acceptance and distribution of inheritance

Divorce, separation and annulment. Custody of children.
Use and enjoyment of marital home.
Child support and spousal support.
Family mediation.
Guardianship and conservatorship.
Child abandonment.
Paternity and filiation.

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