Jorge García died in a motorbike accident in 2011 but his parents have never believed the court ruling that no other vehicle was involve


The courts have agreed to reopen the investigation into the death of Jorge García following new evidence discovered by Jorge’s father, Aurelio.
The official version of the accident in 2011 was that 22-year-old Jorge lost control of his Yamaha XT motorbike and that no other vehicle was involved. Aurelio García never believed that theory.
The day after his son’s burial, Aurelio went to the site of the accident, on the A-7 dual carriageway near Vélez-Málaga. “There were heavy brake marks that started at the same point as the paint marks from the motorbike,” he remembers.
That’s where his fight started. Aurelio and his wife, Isabel Jiménez, are certain there was another car involved in the accident that cost Jorge his life on 18 June 2011.
Now Aurelio has gathered enough evidence that he says proves his suspicions and the courts have reopened the investigation.
When the courts in Vélez handed Aurelio the original accident report, he says, he knew there was something strange about it. “There were no photos of the brake marks and they hadn’t identified the driver of the car that stopped at the accident site.”
The following day the court closed the case. But Aurelio wasn’t giving up. With the help of a private investigator he tracked down the owner of a grey Mercedes-Benz which several witnesses say was at the scene – as well as its owner, a public prosecutor in the Vélez courts. The car showed signs of having had an accident, according to the detective, and an expert confirmed that Jorge’s bike had grey paint marks on it.
With the announcement of the reopening of the case the courts stated, “We do not know why the public prosecutor denied being at the scene.”
Aurelio, who has spent more than 50,000 euros on his quest, said, “I swore in front of my son’s grave that I would not stop until I had discovered what really happened to him. And I will not.”